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Türkiye'den 10 gence ABD bursu

Türkiye'den 10 gence ABD bursu

Amerika Dışişleri Bakanlığı’nın desteğiyle yürütülen değişim programı çerçevesinde transatlantik ilişkileri, ABD ve Türkiye arasındaki bağları geliştirmek amacıyla 10 Türk ve 10 Amerikalı genç lidere karşılıksız burs verilecek. Son başvuru tarihi 10 Kasım 2010.

Young Turkey/Young America: A New Relationship for a New Age

Dear Candidates,

World Learning (WL) in partnership with the Foreign Policy Platform (FPP)-Turkey will implement in 2011 the Young Turkey/Young America: A New Relationship for a New Age, Political Challenges for Future Leaders program, sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Ankara. The overall program goal is to support and promote the participation of young Turkish and American leaders in a transatlantic dialogue on foreign policy issues. Through the program, 10 young emerging leaders from Turkey and 10 young emerging leaders from the U.S. will gain knowledge and leadership skills to become more engaged in their communities, and get to know each other’s country, as well as learn about each group members’ ethnically, religiously, and nationally diverse background.

Ten grantees from Turkey will travel to the United States for a two week and a half long experiential program that includes interactive seminars, mini-internships and visits with think tanks and U.S. government offices. The program will take place in the spring of 2011 in Washington, DC, and the cities where American grantees live and work. Accommodation will include home-stays with peers. A small stipend will be provided during the participants’ time in the United States to cover basic living expenses. The cost of international and domestic travel, program related ground transportation, cultural activities, and all the other programmatic and logistical arrangements will be covered.

Program participants will include emerging leaders from Turkey, age 21-35, involved and/or interested in international affairs from NGOs with youth development focus, universities, business organizations, active politicians, journalists, businesspeople, think tanks, and/or cultural figures. Diversity is particularly crucial for this program. Strong English language skills are required as the participants will need to converse about complex political and global issues with US peers and experts. To select the best candidates, we will review applications based on clearly defined criteria, including:

• Proven commitment to democracy, pluralism, nonviolence, and a free society
• Openness to dialogue and new ideas
• Good potential to play an increasingly important role in the Turkish society; and
• Interest in participating in the program and sharing the experience with colleagues and the public.

Preference would be given to applicants with advanced relevant academic and/or professional achievements who have not previously visited the United States. The candidates should be able and willing to host, in their homes, the American counterparts, for up to a week, in the Summer of 2011. During that time the grantees from Turkey will design, arrange, and coordinate, under WL and FPP’s supervision, a local professional and cultural program for the American participants. The same structure and conditions will apply to the ten Americans selected for the program.

Please find the application form below. The application must be completed in English. The deadline for submitting the application is November 10, 2010. Applications will be reviewed and considered as they arrive. Early applications are encouraged. We appreciate your interest in this project and look forward to working with you.

Vlad Spencer
Assistant Director

Application Form

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